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          About Us

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             Obey li new energy technology co., LTD. Was established in January 2006, the registered capital of 160 million yuan, is the world's conversion efficiency of solar cells and photovoltaic components industry leading enterprises, is the focus areas of photovoltaic battery conversion efficiency research and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. Companies adhere to the value service for the purpose, to product application as the carrier, become the new energy power generation for optimization solution provider. 

          The company covers an area of 213000 square meters, has nearly thousands of employees. Company's main business is production and sales of solar cell and components, solar power investment, design, installation and operation of solar power systems engineering installation and service. Company's existing battery capacity of 180 mw, component production capacity of 400 mw. The company's products through the European international CE, TUV, American UL, UK MCS, Australia CEC, France CSTB, Japan JET certification and China gold sun certification and allowed to join the PVCYCLE international photovoltaic component recycling environmental groups. 
          Companies pay attention to talent introduction, product research and development, formed a by Dr A academicians, five more than 100 people, mainly professional and technical personnel team. At present, the company existing 35 authorized patents, including 16 invention, utility model of 19. 
          At present, the company in the ramming photovoltaic equipment manufacturing and product technology promotion on the basis of the field of photovoltaic power station layout, plant design, construction, operations, and other links as the breakthrough point, to create green energy construction, actively promote the company strategic transformation and upgrading. 

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