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          PV systems

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          Building Integrated

          National professional design team, the top product manufacturing technology and experienced system EPC general contracting for you to build the future of architecture. We not only provide components, we can provide you with the integration of building energy solutions. In early 2009, obey in new energy and the national residential engineering center signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in Beijing, nantong, respectively, set up "national residential engineering center obey li BIPV r&d center" and "national residential engineering center obey li BIPV industrialization base", officially entered the field of photovoltaic (pv) and the building integration, and building the "11th five-year plan" national science and technology support project "renewable energy and building integrated demonstration project" - obey li low-emission example room. 

          Installation type: thin film photovoltaic atrium daylighting, double glass laminating photovoltaic shutter, the photovoltaic curtain wall, single crystal sloping roof  
          System size: 16.5 kW 
          The design partners: China architecture design and research institute 

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