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          PV systems

          PV systemsModuleCell

          PV SYSTEMS

          A solar system contains individual photovoltaic modules that can convert the solar energy into usable direct current (DC) electricity that can then be distributed through an inverter to the electric grid or the utility panels at commercial-industrial sites or residential homes. A solar controller is typically needed to run the system. In many cases, a solar tracking device (like our Sun Cruiser?) can be incorporated in the system to enhance power output, which can result in significant savings and other benefits.

          Applications for solar systems are limited only by our imagination. Forwarding-thinking companies and governments have enjoyed the economic and practical benefits of solar systems on their premises for a number of years now, both as primary and back-up power sources. Residential roof-top installations are fast becoming common place. Other creative applications in mobile communication, power generation in remote areas and off-shore operations have made life a lot better and easier for many. Innovative new approaches to the use of solar systems are seen everyday in all parts of the world.

          Eoplly provides design and technical support for your solar systems and applications. We welcome your ideas and questions on how we can help you in creating a solar system that serves your unique requirements.

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