5 Interesting Facts About Madrid

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but in the entire world. The city of Madrid is well known for its diverse culture and other hidden treasures best known by the locals. Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Madrid holds plenty of surprises. Therefore, here are some 5 interesting facts about Madrid that never sleeps. 

1.    The Famous Real Madrid

The city of Madrid is the home to the famous football club, the real Madrid. According to FIFA, Real Madrid is the world’s most successful football club in the 2oth century. Their football stadium, Bernabeu, is situated a few miles north of the city center. One interesting thing about real Madrid is that it has never dropped down to the second division ever since it was formed. Real Madrid has continued to yearn for victory has attracted thousands of loyal fans from across the world. If there is any football, you’d want to watch play or visit is real Madrid. 

2.    Bullfighting museum

This is another surprising fact about Madrid. Bullfights are one of the significant cultural practice in Spain. Therefore, to learn more about this historical practice, you can visit the bullfighting museum, Museo Taurino. The museum has a varied collection of culture that offers a clear and harmonious vision of the history of bullfights in Spain. The museum also describes the designs and dress styles of bullfighters in the twentieth century. Also, you can see some of the costumes belonging to the legends such as Marcial Lalande, Belmonte, Bienvenida, among others. Generally, the Madrid museum boasts of authentic wonders you wouldn’t want to miss. 

3.    Madrid’s Bear and Tree Symbol

Another fantastic fact about Madrid is its flag symbol. It contains a bear standing on its hind legs while eating berries. This symbol was meant to visualize Madrid’s growth and progress, as well as the importance of trees. The symbol also has a statue in Puerta del Sol which weights over 20 tones. Besides, the flag symbol is also the badge of Atletico Madrid. 

4.    Madrid is the third-largest city in Europe

Other than being a golden metropolitan, Madrid also comes in third place in terms of size and population in the European Union. This is after the spectacular demographics of London and Berlin. According to the estimates done in 2018, Madrid has about 3.5 people living in a vibrant city. The metropolitan area, however, has a population of about 6.5 million. Besides, the city’s population growth has been stable over the last three decades, growing at about 1.4% per annum. The population is diverse and is composed of different nationalities. 

5.    Madrid has a unique atmosphere

The city lies at around 700 meters above the sea level. This arguably makes it stand high above the rest of the European capitals. Due to its high altitude, the local climate is generally defined by the mountainous winds and clear dry air. Thousands of tourists visit Madrid to enjoy its ambiance climate, especially during autumn – click this article on sightseeing madrid top 10

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